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Same Sex Marriage And Divorce

Same Sex Marriage And Divorce

Work with a firm that understands the unique issues LGBTQI couples face.

Same Sex Marriage And Divorce

Divorce When The Marriage Includes A Business

Ensure that all businesses, property, funds, retirement and 401(k) accounts are assessed or valued accurately and divided equitably.

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Most of us, when we have an issue that needs resolution, want to work with a specialist. When the faucet leaks, we call a plumber, not a carpenter. When we have heart issues, we work with a cardiologist, not a dermatologist.

The same can be said of the legal profession. You wouldn’t call a lawyer who works in intellectual property to handle your divorce.

I am matrimonial law attorney Shannon Hynes. For over a decade I have helped couples in Long Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens get the legal guidance they need to create an effective prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, dissolve their marriage, determine fair child or spousal support or resolve their post-divorce judgment issues.

A Special Understanding

Of LGBTQI Issues

Since the 2015 repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), I have worked extensively with New York same-sex marriage and dissolution. I understand the unique issues same-sex couples face, including the fact that New York has no common law marriage. Same sex couples also have distinct challenges regarding nonbirth parent rights and responsibilities and spousal maintenance. I have the experience, legal skill and knowledge to create viable agreements that take all of these variables into account. Perhaps more importantly I take a reasonable approach that is tempered by compassion with the goal of resolution.

Same Sex Marriage

When Your Divorce

Involves A Business Or High Assets

Work with a New York matrimonial attorney who will see to it that the assets in your marriage are accurately assessed and equitably divided. This is perhaps never more important than when your marriage involves either joint or sole ownership a business or businesses. The best way to avoid valuation disputes is to ensure that a systematic valuation is done by experts. Schedule a consultation with me by calling 516-408-3666.