A Deep, Holistic Understanding And Approach To Matrimonial Law

It could be said that every marriage is the same, but every divorce is different. People typically enter a marriage because they are in love and want to spend their life with the other person. However, there are myriad reasons that a person or a couple may want to dissolve a marriage.

There are also many paths to this dissolution. I am New York matrimonial attorney Shannon K. Hynes. If you are looking for an attorney who will work for a fair and right result, then I am the attorney and the firm for you. I treat you the way you want to be treated.

At this firm, we deeply understand divorce, because we have been divorced ourselves or have helped numerous clients with their own divorces for years. We know that divorce is more than just a legal process. It affects your whole being. We understand the fears, upset and hopes you have. And we address these.

When You Are Ready To Move On With Your Life

There are some attorneys who revel in the idea of a long and contentious divorce. That is not the tack we take. We are more interested in working effectively to negotiate a fair and full settlement – so that once your divorce is resolved, it’s done. Instead of making money off your protracted misery, we work to help you move you on with your life. We create lasting agreements with the goal of offering you reasonable assurance that you won’t be back.

A full and complete agreement often means that it’s a one-time process. A carefully considered agreement contemplates the current and potential issues and lays the agreement out in clear terms.

For example, instead of creating boilerplate language such as, “The house will be sold when the child turns 18,” we take the time to define this so that both parties know what to expect, perhaps saying something such as, “The house will be sold in September, October or November after the child finishes high school.” We work to take out any uncertainly or potential for misunderstanding. If we create a settlement agreement for you when your child is 3 months old, then this agreement will cover what is expected when the child is school age, a teenager and when that child goes to college.

Any agreement we create will cover important, but often overlooked, matters such as paying for health insurance, keeping or selling the house and dividing of retirement assets.

A Focus On Resolution

Sometimes all it takes is a knowledgeable guide to help you understand what is truly in your own best interest. I will listen to your concerns and then explain what you need to do to achieve your goal. I and the team of family law attorneys at the firm are highly skilled in property division, including when there is a business or multiple high-asset properties or items involved. I am committed to doing what is right and fair and what is necessary to bring you the resolution you need to move on.

No matter if your concern is a prenuptial agreement, divorce or a child custody and support issue, I can help.

When You Are Ready To Take The Next Step

If you’re looking to move on with your life, as fast as possible with as little grief as possible, please reach out to me. I, along with the family law attorneys I work with at Shannon K. Hynes are committed to helping you. Call 516-408-3666 and get the process started